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Children shows

The magical world of Trolls,

with the great Magician " Isandrin " and his sidekicks, la Bosse and Margoulin, a trio of actors, musicians, singers, who will take you to discover Chlorophylle, a puppet with strange power.

Shadow Shows - Shadow Theatre and Music 

Winter Tales

While visiting the countries of the North, we brought back in our luggage stories full of snowflakes, ice and reindeer. We will tell you how the Lord of Winter fills his bag with sounds and music, or how Santa Claus' letters almost disappeared this year.


Tale of the Far North

Ayanna and Nanok live in the Far North with their parents. One day, Nanok decides to secretly go to meet the silver caribou.

It is said that the silver caribou is a magical animal, capable of granting all wishes.

But going alone in these icy lands is a perilous adventure, especially when you are eight years old. Nanok is captured by a giant.  Ayanna has only one thought in mind: to free her brother.

Tale with kamishibai

A storyteller tells a story illustrated with pictures...

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