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Magic Shows

Give your children the unique experience of magic. They will be transported into varied and colourful universes with our experienced magicians... Their skill and knowledge of working with children guarantee a magic show full of emotions...

The magician elf
Perlin the Imp

The incredible wizard straight out of the enchanted forest. His magic show can be adapted to all seasons. 

Perlin the magician elf
Arnika Montana magie
Arnika is losing his temper  

Arnika tells incredible stories while the objects are just doing what they want to do. Arnika treats us to a different magic show at each performance, as it is improvised with the audience. Enchantment guaranteed!

Arnika Montana magic
Le magicien k'Oz
The Magicien k'Oz

The real K'Oz Magician in a highly interactive and hilarious magic show ! 

Lolo the magician
The elf is only visible during the show

An elf tells the children about the magical world of the forest.

A poetic and magic story, interactive with the public.


The magician elf
Magic show
Magic show

A magic show full of poetry in which Franco makes adorable rabbits appear that the children can caress at the end of the show.

Franco children magician
Magic show
Magic show
Ben the magician

A very funny magic show that is also suitable for an audience of older children.

Harry the Wizard

Harry's amazing. Young and old don't know if he's joking or if everything is really going wrong. Luckily his magic shows always end well !

Harry and his magic shows for the whole family...
Harry the Wizard
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